мій персональний дракон

| найцікавіше, різне, dwarf fortress

восьмого травня електропоштою прилетіла моя винагорода за скромну пожертву авторам dwarf fortress:


це мій персональний дракон. до нього додається історія за авторством трьохпалого (treetoe).

цитата: «how can there be an end to suffering while the dragon lives?  how can a man stand in a fire hotter than the center of a volcano? in order for the world to heal, the thorn must be removed from its side. the serpent must die and with it all evil. there were few with hearts brave enough for the task, and fewer still that could pull it off.
   "kogar," shouted the dwarf mother. "the helmets are getting cold."
   ignoring the call for supper, the young dwarf looked out over the hills. life in the village was a soul crushing experience for adventurers such as kogar. it was true he hadn't been on a true quest yet, but he was ready. so it wasn't a big surprise that when the call came for dragon slayers, kogar was first in line.
   "we leave at dawn's first light," said the knight.
   thrilled, kogar tool up his father's sword and met the other crazy people at the gate. soon, most of them would be dead».